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This is the official website of “COmputational DEsign for 4D BIOfabrication: harnessing programmable materials for dynamic pre-clinical cancer models” project.


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February, 16th, 2024

Lorenzo Bonetti’s talk!


February, 12th, 2024

Congrats to Lorenzo Bonetti for his first paper with us!


February, 5th, 2024

Congrats to Matteo Arricca for his first paper with us!



Open Positions

There are no open positions available at the moment. Stay tuned for exciting opportunities!


Latest papers

Solvent-triggered shape change in gradient-based 4D printed bilayers: case study on semi-crystalline polymer networks, Soft Matter, -, 2024, -.

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4D printing of semi-crystalline crosslinked polymer networks with two-way shape-memory effect, Materials & Design, 238, 2024, 112725.

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Phenomenological modeling of the stress-free two-way shape-memory effect in semi-crystalline networks: Formulation, numerical simulation, and experimental validation, European Journal of Mechanics – A/Solids, 105, 2024, 105245.

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