Our Laboratory


The Laboratory of Programmable Materials and Structures is currently under renovation. See below a short preview.

  • VD23 Vacuum drying chambers for non-flammable solvents: it is used to perform drying and heat treatment of solid or pulverized charging material, as well as bulk material, using the supply of heat under vacuum.
  • Chemical hood: it is used to ensure protection when handling toxic or dangerous products for health, while maintaing a work environment that ensures safety requirements.
  • Analytical Balance Radwag AS 62 X2 PLUS: It is used  to determine metrological parameters (repeatability); to dose powders, liquids and loose materials; to compare measured products with mass standard; to count items; to monitor checkweighing of every single component of formulations; to register and analyse performed measurements; to determine density; to monitor ambient conditions; to connect with a titrator.
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer Discovery DMA Q850 – TA instrument: it is used to take accurate and reproducible measurement of mechanical properties over a wide temperature range.
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter Discovery DSC 250 – TA instrument: it is used to measure endothermic and exothermic processes and characterize a broad range of materials, including polymers, biologicals, organic chemicals and inorganic materials.
  • Hybrid Rheometer Discovery HR10 – TA instrument: It is used to measure the viscoelastic properties of liquid systems and structured fluids, such as suspensions, emulsions, polymeric solutions.
  • Cellink BIO X6 3D bioprinter: it is used to create living multimaterial constructs, using cells and other organic materials.
  • Asiga 3D Printer: it is used to manufacture models made of polymers.
  • Wolfram Mathematica license: it is used to perform modern integrated technical computing, including image processing, geometry, data science, visualizations. 

Our instruments are located at Istituto Golgi-Spallanzani (Botta 2), Via Adolfo Ferrata 9/A,  27100 Pavia, Italy.