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We aim to set up an exciting and multidisciplinary research team!

We are constantly looking for motivated undergraduate and graduate students as well as postdocs. If you have an interest in our research, please contact us at

If you are interested in other research positions in our lab, have a look here.

A postdoctoral position will be available starting January 2023.

The postdoctoral candidate will work on new approaches to the 3D printing/bioprinting of smart polymers and hydrogels and will study their designed stimuli-responsive properties using experimental methods. The successful candidate should have extensive expertise in the experimental testing of soft materials (e.g., thermo-mechanical, rheological analysis) in additive manufacturing and/or biofabrication techniques.

Duration: the initial term will be one year. The contract can be extended based on performance.

Salary: commensurate to candidate’s experience.

For more information, please contact Dr Giulia Scalet ( Interested candidates are encouraged to include a CV and a summary of relevant experience.

Application at:

A Project manager Assistant position will be available starting September 2023.

The selected candidate will be responsible of:

  • managing the media resources of the project (website, social network) aimed at international dissemination of CoDe4Bio activities and results;
  • assisting in the organisation of scientific events within the project (workshops, seminars);
  • supporting the organisation of missions related to the dissemination of the results;
  • logistic assistance to the team;
  • supporting the Principal Investigator and the team in monitoring scientific activities, deadlines relating to the maintenance of equipment purchased and in managing data and metadata;
  • drafting reports and communications for internal use;
  • supporting the organization of project group meetings and drafting related minutes;
  • managing the research team mailing list and shared calendar;
  • interacting with the Administration of the University and the Department with regard to technical activities, scientific and financial reporting;
  • monitoring the achievements through the application of specific indicators of result.

Duration: one year. 

Salary: 24.000 euro.

Application at:

A postdoctoral position will be available starting April 2024.

The candidate will work on the constitutive modeling of stimuli-responsive and shape memory polymers, computational methods for the simulation of structures based on these materials, and mechano-biology problems.

Duration: one year (renowable). 

Salary: 19.367 euro.

Application at: